President, Nature’s Own Research Association

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, 1965

B.S. Biophysics, University of Pittsburgh, 1961

e-mail: joschman@aol.com


Academic research (1965-1980) involved the structure and function of cells and tissues, with particular reference to fluid and ion transport and the role of calcium in control of cell functions. Subsequent research (1981-present) involves explorations of the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicines.

Modern research science is validating and explaining the beneficial effects of a wide range of complementary, alternative and integrative therapies. Jim's writings synthesize the science and the experience of a variety of bodywork, energetic, and movement therapies. You will find samples of Jim's writings on this web site. 

Every medical tradition and every therapeutic school has a core of visionary and creative individuals who are advancing the methodology and who recognize that their work of innovation, like that of their predecessors, is never finished.  Jim’s books, articles, lectures and workshops are offered in support of these visionaries and their creative process. 

Recently Jim has also become involved as a consultant in the design of medical devices, relying on his experience in biophysics and complementary medicine.  


Distinguished Service Award from the Rolf Institute, 1991
Founder’s Award, National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM), 2002.

For your work in Biophysics and Biology and your distinction as an international authority on energy and complementary medicine; for your numerous articles and books on complementary medicine including Energy Medicine-The Scientific Basis that uses science to demystify this emerging form of healing; for initiating a scholarly discussion on complementary therapies and their potential to contribute to patient care; and for your service on the Scientific Advisory Committee of NFAM.


Publications in major peer-reviewed scientific journals: Science, The Journal of Cell Biology, The Journal of Cell Science, The Journal of Morphology, Tissue and Cell, American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Experimental Biology, etc. Publication of several books, editor of several books, chapters in major books. To download a complete Curriculum Vitae, click here


National Institutes of Health Research Grants: NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Developmental Biology Center, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, and NIH Postdoctoral Fellow; NIH Research Grants AM-19189, FR-7028 and AM-14993.



Energy medicine: the scientific basis

Energy medicine in therapeutics and human performance

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